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Wood Smoked. Hand Crafted. Michigan Brewed.

Bunker's is more than a reason not to do dishes at home, it's an experience filled with powerful flavors, refreshing drinks, fun, family, friends, and the spirit of the community united. 


Pioneering History... Again

In 1836 Eurotas P. Hastings, president of the Bank of Michigan, sold to Philo Dibble, Lansing Kingsbury and Cornelius Kendall a large tract of land in Barry County. 

Shortly after, they engaged Slocum H. Bunker to come with his family to feed and house the men during the construction of the mill.  Slocum used his new relationships to build a log cabin and to enter into other areas of business including a “house of entertainment”.  As the mill grew and land was cleared the Hastings Company determined to lay out a village. 

Although Slocum did not plan on staying in the area after the mill was completed he did in fact remain and was rightly considered the first settler in Hastings.